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Q. Why have over 100,000 North Americans Chosen the Riviera Nayarit Area?

A. Of all the beautiful places in the world, why choose the Riviera Nayarit area?

  • Protected by mountains and the Bay of Banderas, this area is sheltered from major storms and hurricanes
  • 330 days of sunshine
  • Same latitude as Hawaii, at a fraction of the cost
  • Cost of living is about ½ or less as most North American cities
  • Over a dozen airlines land at Puerto Vallarta’s international airport which is just 20 – 25 minutes away
  • Within 5 hour direct flight of most major North American cities
  • Decent roads, excellent bus and taxi transportation
  • Stable government that is very foreigner friendly
  • This area our developments are located in, Riviera Nayarit is named one of the top places in the world to own a second home (Haute Living / International Property Journal)
  • Easy to immigrate
  • Deeded property
  • Beautiful beaches, sunsets, mountains, ocean, and jungle
  • 3 Walmarts, a Sams Club, a Home Depot, a Costco within a 25 minute drive
  • Large grocery stores, numerous corner stores and street markets 2 to 10 minutes away
  • All types of cuisine within 2 to 30 minutes away
  • English speaking doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and World-class hospitals 5 to 25 minutes away
  • Internationally accredited schools (English, English/Spanish or Spanish)
  • Great live bands (Cuban, Rock and Roll, etc)
  • Thousands of activities
  • Good investment
  • Friendly people
  • Relaxing, fun lifestyle

Q. What medical services are there available in the Riviera Nayarit / Puerto Vallarta area?

A. There are world-class medical facilities and specialists in the Puerto Vallarta area, and there are many options depending on much time you wish to spend here out of the year, and the level of coverage and care you want:

1) Get health insurance for the duration of your stay here (can cover pre-existing conditions, rates depend on age, health, risk). You can get a quote and compare prices for different types of insurances by contacting us.

2) Purchase services as needed. Checkup from certified English speaking doctor 200 pesos (about $16), medication about 1/2 the price or less than the U.S., some people even come here for cancer treatments, “medical vacations” or “dental vacations”.

3) Apply for an FM3, an immigration document that costs about $160 per person for a non-working FM3 and takes between 3 – 4 weeks to process – then the local health care system here costs about $160 a year per person.

Here is a little information about the medical services available near our quality real estate developments in the Puerto Vallarta area:

Doctors: 5-7 minutes away from our developments
Hospitals: a good one 15 minutes away in Mezcales, or several world class top of the line hospitals with everyone from heart specialists to oncologists 25 – 30 minutes away
Clinic: 5 – 10 minutes away
Dentist: 5 – 7 minutes away
Pharmacies: multiple available 2 – 5 minutes away
Air evacuation and ambulance services also available

Our experts in our educational seminars cover medical services in more detail. Contact us for more information.

Q. What is the cost of living like?

A. For $1,000 a month you can live quite well. Property taxes are generally $100 – 200 per year, car insurance is a fraction, food costs is a fraction, gas is approximately 79 cents a liter and domestic help is approximately $8-16 per day.

Q. Do I need to speak Spanish?

A. No, but it helps! There are over 100,000 foreigners in the Puerto Vallarta area, so most people speak at least a little English and many speak fluent English. We have North American staff to assist you.

Q. What will my money get me in the Riviera Nayarit area?

A. $199,000 will get you a level entry beautiful 2 bedroom condo with large swimming pool, community BBQ area, business center, undercover parking, 24-7 security, and gym. $260,000 will get you a stunning ocean view condo in a master planned community overlooking the entire Bay of Banderas and mountains. $500,000 will get you an ocean front townhome with marble and granite finishing’s, tennis courts, swimming pools, gym, spa, restaurant, and more. $1 million + will get you a private villa in an exclusive ocean front development on a white sand beach.

See Our Properties or Contact Us for more information.

Q. What sort of after purchase services does Royal Club Real Estate provide?

  • A. A full range of assistance is provided for Royal Club Real Estate clients:
  • Banking: setting up a Mexican bank account, and which banks allow
    you to pay your bills online
  • Assistance with services: English speaking professionals from
    Lawyers and Notaries to spas and tours.
  • Rental management: we have a full service rental management
    program in place for our owners (optional).
  • Moving services
  • Health insurance
  • Interior decorating / furnishings
  • Immigration: if you wish (not required to purchase) we can
    provide assistance getting temporary citizenship to allow you to come and go
    as you please in Mexico (required if spending more than 180 days in Mexico
    at a time, has some tax advantages)
  • Information: from bringing your car into the country, to where the best Cuban bands play or where to find health products, we are