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Development in Punta de Mita

La Punta Estates is a residential community poised on the breathtaking peninsula of Punta Mita. La Punta Estates is conveniently situated only 35 minutes away from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. In La Punta Estates, there are some amazing residences which offer their dwellers exclusive access to the beach club and tennis facilities golf and more that Punta Mita offers. This area of La Punta Estates is stunningly beautiful with manicured vegetation skirting the quiet beach. There is a rich flora and fauna in the area to complement the beauty of the ocean and enhance the grandeur architecture coming to Punta Mita.

La Punta Estates contains thirty private home sites and anyone who wants something above the ordinary can move into this amazing place. The peaceful peninsula community is neighbor to several secret beaches and is located within Punta Mita. The nature which surrounds the area offers many beautiful views to the residents of La Punta Estates. The ocean and beautiful sunny beaches are perfect for rest and relaxation as you listen to the lapping waves and bask in the sun-warmed breezes. The Ocean offers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed such as snorkeling, surfing, kayaking and fishing. The area surrounding La Punta Estates offer residents a divinely tropical paradise where you can spend precious time alone or with loved ones.

La Punta Estates, residents and their guests will benefit from many extraordinary services which will ensure a great time spent in luxury. One of the services available is an optional chef service which allows residents to choose a menu cooked by a professional. By choosing this wonderful chef service, the residents and guests can choose city fare or authentic Mexican meals both of which taste extraordinary. Entertaining guests was never easier than here in Paradise Coves.

The residents of La Punta Estates are offered a luxurious life amid a tropical escape, spending each moment exactly as they wish. The private homes will offer all the comfort and grandeur style that anyone could wish for or imagine. The amenities and privileges of these homes will chase away any thoughts of boredom. Consider spending some time in the pool, practicing the sports you most enjoy, or lying in the sun from the comfort of your own private home’s garden.

If you wish to become part of the extravagant, well-fashioned lifestyle you thought was only real in the movies, then you should contact Royal Club Real Estate to become a resident of Paradise Coves. This is the place where all your dreams can become a reality and where you can live the life you have always wanted. Now is the time to reach out and seize the day! Choose the location that offers beautiful surroundings and stately homes where paradise can be experienced every day.  In La Punta Estates, not only does the name remind you of a tropical oasis but the fabulous environment does too!


La Punta Estates Punta Mita