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Development in Punta de Mita

Located just north of Banderas Bay, Kupuri is the only Punta Mita project on Litibu Bay. The land that is offered in Kupuri is far from ordinary. The location is sophisticated, elegant and sure to leave you breathless. Anyone would be delighted to call this area home due to its seemingly flawless qualities which can be attributed to the pure beauty that Mother Nature provides. From every direction, the Earth displays grandeur green vegetation and a tropical climate thanks to the presence of the Pacific Ocean and its sun-warmed breezes.

With 14 multi-million dollar lots for sale, there has never been a better time to build the tropical home of your dreams. Kupuri is divided into three distinct sections, all as luxurious as the next and all with a little something special to offer – beachfront, ocean view with direct beach access, and hillside. The beachfront and ocean view homes offer a gorgeous, panoramic view of the dramatically stunning Mexican coast. The hillside locations are equally marvellous as they showcase lush tropical forests and picturesque landscape. Whether you opt for the beauty of the ocean or the beauty of the hillside, each backdrop will highlight the stunning and unique architectural detail of your home in the most amazing way.

You should note that Kupuri is not just barren lots of land waiting to be sold. Owners of these exclusive lots in this magnificent area are also welcome to take advantage of an array of different onsite amenities. The party room and beach club are a hot spot for social gatherings among the residents of this gated community while the gym is packed with technologically advanced equipment so lot owners can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The addition of several on-site restaurants also helps to serve up a broad variety of delicious and healthy food choices which are offered during all hours of the day.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more than what suburbia has to offer. With powdery soft sand, scattered rocks and attractive scenery, Kupuri offers a better choice – the ideal lot of land that will spoil you with everything you have ever wanted and needed. This appealing area is currently being offering with a new and introductory discount so you can finally turn the visions of your dream home into reality. Royal Club Real Estate is available to help you learn more about Kupuri to how this magical place can maximize your lifestyle.

Your home is surely the most important possession that you will ever own because it is where you will make the most memories and spend most of your time. Why not make your surroundings as luxurious and desirable as they can possibly be? You work hard and consider your responsibilities at all times so why not give yourself the home you deserve? Better yet, why not choose a home that you would love to show off and share with friends and family, a home that you would be proud to invite your boss to for a home-cooked meal?

Building your own home is a great option but many people choose bland suburban areas which lack architectural brilliance or unique craftsmanship. Many people live in subdivisions with matching houses and cracker box yards are quite happy in their surroundings. Are they truly happy because they fail to realize the opportunity that they missed out on? Don’t make the mistake of others by overlooking an area because you think you cannot afford it or that it isn’t practical. Your happiness is the key to a healthy lifestyle and thriving relationships with those around you – find that perfection in Kupuri.